Sunday, February 19, 2012

Show #102

First off, as most of you may know, the radio show now airs twice a week on UK70sProgRock internet radio station, once on Fridays at 2 PM EST (7 PM GMT), and repeats on Saturdays at 7 PM EST (Midnight GMT). This allows listeners from North America to listen to the radio show at a reasonnable hour, since on Fridays most of you (hopefully) are at work.

This week on the International Prog Rock Show I presented some new releases from 2012, and some 2011 releases that were late in coming to my attention, or that were released late in the year. The new RPWL, "Beyond Man and Time", is an album every fan will love, and an album that will create new fans for this great German band. I will soon post a review of the CD, but here is a taster. The new Delusion Squared, "II", follows the immensely succesful self-titled debut, and doesn't stray much from it. Great melodies and playing, I will also post a review soon. As for the others, listen to the radio show and I am sure you will love every piece of music here.

The playlist was:

1. We Are What We Are, by RPWL (Beyond Man and Time, 2012)
2. The Fisherman, by RPWL (Beyond Man and Time, 2012)
3. Double Vision, by Delusion Squared (Delusion Squared II, 2012)
4. Revelation, by Delusion Squared (Delusion Squared II, 2012)
5. Suite de la Tormenta, by Q (Abducciรณn, 2011)
6. Leviathan, by Michael Bernier (Leviathan, 2011)
7. Circus Elephant, by Michael Bernier (Leviathan, 2011)
8. G.D.D., by Michael Bernier (Leviathan, 2011)
9. The Southern Cross, by Colin Masson (The Southern Cross, 2011)
10. Me and My Downfall, by DeeExpus (King of Number 33, 2011)
11. Memo, by DeeExpus (King of Number 33, 2011)
12. Dusk, by Edison's Children (In the Last Waking Moments, 2011)
13. Waking Up, by Cross (Wake Up Call, 2012)
14. Infinite Fire, by Flying Colors (Flying Colors, 2012)
15. Live Your Life, Part I & II, by IOEarth (Moments, 2012)
16. Sleepers (Live), by Galahad (Resonance - Live in Poland, 2009)

As always, if you love the music, purchase or order the CDs at your local retailer or by following the links above, and encourage the artists to produce more of the music we all like.

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