Saturday, February 4, 2012

No New Show this Week

Hello everyone! There was no new show this week due to scheduling conflicts between my real world job and my radio show (which is, ironically, also in the real world, but you know what I mean!!).

I've done a couple of interviews for the radio show and I think you will all be pleased. First off is one I did with The Psychedelic Ensemble which will air soon. As you may or may not know, The Psychedelic Ensemble is a one man band from the US who chooses to remain anonymous. We talked about his influences, his carreer, and all three of his CDs under the TPE moniker, including his latest "The Dream of the Magic Jongleur". The second interview I recorded was done this past week with Eric Blackwood, one half of Edison's Children (the other being Pete Trewavas). This interview will also air shortly.

In the meantime I will post a list of upcoming CDs, I will update the Festival page, and, hopefully, will finish up some CD reviews (I have just received the wonderful new RPWL and the new Paul Cusick).

So, stay tuned, I will be back.

PS: To those who won CDs - they were posted this Friday, so let me know when you receive them.

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