Saturday, November 19, 2011

Show #95

Hello dear listeners. This week's radio show devotes itself to live releases. Usually I don't play live releases on the IPRS, devoting most of the 3 hour show to recent studio releases, but a lot of great sounding live releases have come out recently, of which the new Unitopia CD (and DVD, which is a must buy) One Night in Europe, chronicling the band's first european tour. Also, the Peter Gabriel New Blood CD and DVD which, regardless of what some think of his studio effort "Scratch My Back", brings new life, thus New Blood, to his musical legacy. Some artists do the "unplugged" album with acoustic equivalents to their usual instruments, as Marillion did on the "Live from Cadogan Hall", others use the full force of an acoustic orchestra, which Gabriel chose to magnificent effect.

Speaking of symphonic, The Enid released Live at the Town Hall earlier this year, and my hope is that they release a recording of their own concert using a symphony orchestra. If their ever was one band who's style is perfectly adapted for this treatment, it's The Enid.

And on the "When is it too much" front, all members, save one, of Transatlantic have had live releases this year, either with their own bands or with the aforementioned super group: the Flower Kings, Marillion, Spock's Beard, Neal Morse, and... Transatlantic themselves. With an aptly titled "More Is Never Enough", they release yet another live album (with DVD) of their last tour, and this time it's two different shows with two different vibes. Hopefully this one, though good, is enough... for now.

The playlist was as follows:

1- The Sum of No Reason, by The Flower Kings (Tour Kaputt, 2011)
2- Daydreamer's Nightmare, by
Mangrove (Live Beyond Reality, 2011)
3- Dark Hydrolic, by
The Enid (Live at the Town Hall, 2011)
4- Signal to Noise, by
Peter Gabriel (New Blood Live in London, 2011)
5- Intruder, by Peter Gabriel (New Blood Live in London, 2011)
6- This Is England, by
It Bites (It Happened One Night, 2011)
7- The Garden, by
Unitopia (One Night in Europe, 2011)
8- The Answering Machine, by
Marillion (Live from Cadogan Hall, 2011)
9- Alien Messiah, by
Pallas (High Voltage, 2011)
10 - The Light, by
Spock's Beard (High Voltage, 2011)
11- Sola Scriptura, by
Neal Morse (Testimony 2: Live in Los Angeles, 2011)
12 - The Whirlwind, by
Transatlantic (More Is Never Enough, 2011)

As always, if you like the music, please purchase the CDs directly from the artists' web sites or through your favorite retailer. Keep music alive!

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