Saturday, November 5, 2011


Hello dear listeners! First, a bit of news on the Prog front. Having announced their first North american tour since 2004 last week, Marillion tickets have now gone on sale in certain cities. Grab them while you can, I have a feeling they will sell like hot cakes! They have also announced that the setlists will change from show to show, sometimes even drastically, so that fans that didn't get a chance to see them live in a long while will at least get a taste of their large back catalogue of songs. That also means that real fans who go to two or more shows will at least hear different songs from one show to the next. I guess that they will make these live shows available to purchase throught their website as they did for the Less Is More and the Happiness tours, although that has not been confirmed.

As I mentioned during the radio show, this year has been a year of plenty when it comes to prog releases of quality, making it really really difficult to choose a Record of the Year. A lot of CDs are in my top of the year, more than 10... There are more than 20 that I consider "must buys" for any prog fan, a sampling of which you can hear on today's radio show. So this year I have decided that I won't make a distinction between the number 1 and the number 20 on my Top 20 list of 2011 that will be broadcast in January. Instead it will be titled "The Top CDs that everyone should have in his collection". That doesn't stop anyone from making a top 10 or top 20 list of their favorites of the year and send them to me. As with years past, I will compile a list from the listeners choices and play those songs on a special "Listener's Choice" radio show that will preceed my own list. So get going and send me your choices even though the year hasn't ended (You can ammend your list later).

The playlist was as follows:

1- Wild Man (Single Version), by Kate Bush (50 Words for Snow, Forthcoming 2011)
2- Reconditioned Nightmare, by
Steve Hackett (Beyond the Shrouded Horizon, 2011)
3- Glove Box, by
Astralia (Osmosis, 2011)
4- Dedalo's Torment, by Astralia (Osmosis, 2011)
5- Nothing Box, by
Glass Hammer (Cor Cordium, 2011)
6- Salvation Station, by Glass Hammer (Cor Cordium, 2011)
7- Sectarian, by
Steven Wilson (Grace for Drowning, 2011)
8- The Physics of Gridlock, by
Pain of Salvation (Road Salt Two, 2011)
9- Eleven, by Pain of Salvation (Road Salt Two, 2011)
10- Island, by
Gรถsta Berlings Saga (Glue Works, 2011)
11- The Great Divide, by
A Big Goodbye (Sounds & Silence, 2011)
12- In My Dreams, by A Big Goodbye (Sounds & Silence, 2011)
13- When She Dreams, She Dreams in Color, by
Discipline (To Shatter All Accord, 2011)
14- Circuitry, by Discipline (To Shatter All Accord, 2011)
15- Into This World, by
Cosmograf (When Age Has Done Its Duty, 2011)
16- On Which We Stand, by Cosmograf (When Age Has Done Its Duty, 2011)
17- Sanctuary (The Return), by
Alan Reed (Dancing with Ghosts, 2011)
18- Teardrops in the Rain, by Alan Reed (Dancing with Ghosts, 2011)
19- Baby Lulla Shadows, Parts I & II, by
Loonypark (Straw Andy, 2011)
20- When Age Has Done Its Duty, by Cosmograf (When Age Has Done Its Duty, 2011)

As always, if you like the music purchase the CDs by following the links above. You'll be encouraging the artists and assuring that they produce more of the music we all love.


  1. Hey Frank! Thanks so much for including A Big Goodbye on here. Just wanted to give you a heads up to our new album which will be released soon. Here's a link to one of the songs.

  2. Hey Matt! Thank you so much for your comment. I really enjoyed your albur band's album and it was a pleasure to play some songs on the radio show to help you guys get a wider audience. I will listen to the youtube clip and look forward to your next output.