Saturday, September 10, 2011

Show #85 Ready for Download

Here at IPRS Central it was a sad week. Coming back from a beautiful weekend in the mountains north of Montreal, I heard the news Neil Pepper, a friend of this show, had lost his battle with cancer. For the past two years he fought valiantly, keeping us posted through his Facebook page, he continued recording with his band Galahad, and he never lost hope. That is why the first hour of this week's show is dedicated to him. I would especially like to thank Dean "Deano" Baker, keyboardist of Galahad for mixing 2 songs especially for the IPRS, and the members of Galahad and Josephine Pepper, for allowing me to play these songs on this radio show.

As for the rest of the radio show, I showcase more recently released music. Two of them, the new Opeth and the new Dream Theater, are real surprises for me. Let me elaborate.

Opeth have never really been my cup of tea. Some of their music I really enjoy, while the whole "death grunts" period... well let's just say I can do without it. But this latest release shows a maturity and a thoughtfulness I never would have imagined. Obviously I cannot claim to know all of their music, but from what I have heard I can affirm that "Heritage" is the album that will open them up to a whole new audience, like myself.

As for the latest Dream Theater, this is a band that I have been following for quite a while. I must first say that I am a fan of Mike Portnoy. He is an incredible drummer, very inventive, on par with Neil Peart, and a very nice guy. Even his side-projects were interesting (Transatlantic, OSI, etc.). When he was fired by the band he helped create the news was devastating. Some people vowed never to listen to DT ever again. Well, these same people might have to re-assess their position! The new CD, "A Dramatic turn of Events" is everything we came to love about Dream Theater. While the last few releases were technically marvellous, musically it seemed that they had lost their steam. Well this new release is a return to form, and the new drummer, Mike Mangini, really is up to the task.

Both these CDs will be released next week, so go ahead and purchase them, they are both worth it.

Download show 85 here (No longer available)!

The playlist is as follows:

1. Silence (IPRS Mix), by Neil Pepper (Unreleased)
2. Suspended Animation (IPRS Mix), by Galahad (Battle Scars, Forthcoming CD)
3. Singularity (Rough Mix), by Galahad (Battle Scars, Forthcoming CD)
4. Ocean Blue, by Galahad (Following Ghosts, 1999)
5. Shine, by Galahad (Following Ghosts, 1999)
6. Heritage, by Opeth (Heritage, 2011)
7. The Devil's Orchard, by Opeth (Heritage, 2011)
8. Folklore, by Opeth (Heritage, 2011)
9. This Is the Life, by Dream Theater (A Dramatic Turn of Events, 2011)
10. Breaking All Illusions, by Dream Theater (A Dramatic Turn of Events, 2011)
11. Forever Is a Journey, by Lisa LaRue 2KX (Beautiful Life EP, 2011)
12. Kingmaker, by Big Big Train (Prognosis 18, 2011)
13. Consecuencia Natural, by Abrete Gandul (Enjambre Sismico, 2011)
14. Convergencia Caotica, by Abrete Gandul (Enjambre Sismico, 2011)
15. Partie V, by Fractale (Suranné, 2011)
16. Magdalena, by Mandalaband (AD: Sangreal, 2011)
17. Visigoths, by Mandalaband (AD: Sangreal, 2011)
18. Saracens, by Mandalaband (AD: Sangreal, 2011)
19. Childbirth, by Soniq Circus (Reflections in the Hourglass, 2011)
20. By the Heartshaped Lake, by Soniq Circus (Reflections in the Hourglass, 2011)
21. Learning to Talk, by Soniq Circus (Reflections in the Hourglass, 2011)
22. Babylon, by The Winter Tree (The Winter Tree, 2011)
23. A Twilight in Middle March, by The Winter Tree (The Winter Tree, 2011)

As always, if you love the music, purchase the CDs, either by clicking the links above to purchase through the artists, or through your favorite retailer. Keep the music alive!

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