Monday, May 9, 2011

Show #69 Ready for Download

Sorry for the delay, but being and Boston to see K2, I didn't have time to post the radio show that was played last Friday on UK70s Prog Rock. Now here it is, including interviews with members of Sun Domingo (Edgel Groves & Kyle Corbett, the other two are apparently silent partners...) and John Wesley done during the Montreal Marillion Weekend 2011.

Since this famous weekend we've had some sad news, the death of one of the organizers. Richard Bruce was a gentle soul and an avid music fan. He was also the biggest Marillion fan I knew (apart from Annick). We met often at shows, and wrote to each other through Facebook. He and Annick Gauthier were close collaborators, and organized the get togethers during the Marillion Weekend. They're the ones that booked Tempus Fugit, Sun Domingo, and John Wesley at the Brutopia. They're the ones that greated people entering the Olympia at showtime. Now a hole is left in this amazing duo, and in our lives. The second hour of the show was dedicated to Richard. And the third hour?

Well, download the show and listen! (Podcast no longer available).

The playlist is as follows:

1. It's Happening Now, by Sun Domingo (Songs for End Times, 2011)
2. Til then We Wait, by Sun Domingo (Songs for End Times, 2011)
3. For Only You, by Sun Domingo (Songs for End Times, 2011)
4. Mad Maze, by Sun Domingo (Songs for End Times, 2011)
5. A.M.W. / Walls of America, by John Wesley (The Lillypad Suite, 2011)
6. Still Waiting, by John Wesley (The Lillypad Suite, 2011)
7. Lost, by John Welsye (The Lillypad Suite, 2011)
8. You're Gone, by Marillion (Marbles, 2004)
9. New World Man, by Rush (Signals, 1982)
10. Wrapped Up in Time, by Marillion (Happiness Is the Road: Essence, 2008)
11. If I Ever Leave This World Alive, by Flogging Molly
12. Afterimage, by Rush (Grace Under Pressure, 1984)
13. Sugar Mice (Live), by Marillion (Sugar Mice CDS,
14. Estonia (Live), by Marillion (Live in Montreal//Saturday, 2010)
15. A Few Words for the Dead (Live), by Marillion (Live in Montreal//Sunday, 2010)
16. Happiness Is the Road (Live), by Marillion (Live in Montreal//Friday, 2011)
17. Epitaph, by Antimatter (Alternative Matter, 2010)
18. Black Sun, by Antimatter (Alternative Matter, 2010)
19. Infinite Voyage, by K2 (Book of the Dead, 2005)
20. The Edge of Light, by K2 (Book of the Dead, 2005)
21. Black Garden, by K2 (Black Garden (2010)
22. Neverland, by Marillion (Live in Montreal//Sunday, 2010)

As always, if you loved the music, please purchase the CD or the songs, in the medium of your choice.


  1. Christopher TeerMay 9, 2011 at 11:30 PM

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  2. Link corrected. Thanks Chris!

  3. Marillion! Neverland! amazing:)