Sunday, May 22, 2011

ROSfest and Terra Incognita Special Show

ROSfest and Terra Incognita 2011 are both coming to a close today. Last Friday on UK70sProgRock radio, I did a special show with songs from bands that were being showcased during these two wonderful festivals. Unfortunately there were some bands of which I had not a scrap of music (Daemonia for ROSfest, Rhys Marsh and SLP for Terra Incognita). It is something I know I must rememdy. There is also a preview of the new Riverside EP and a review of the show by my friend Andrew "Barnesley" Wood, who say the show last Tuesday.

For those of you that didn't listen during the airing of the radio show, that weren't able to go either to ROSfest or Terra Incognita, or for those that want to have a small reminder of the shows you saw at those two festivals, this radio show is now available for download (Podcast no longer available).

If you did go to either festival, please leave a comment about your experience in the Comments section of this post. Even you you didn't, comments about the radio show a greatly appreciated.

Next week's radio show, if all goes well, will feature an interview with Sean Filkins, ex-Lorien, ex-Big Big Train, and now an accomplished solo artist who just released his first CD, War and Peace & Other Short Stories. I conducted the interview this past Saturday and must edit it since we spent close to two and half hours talking about his career and his new project. And I have a lot of new music from fresh and exciting prog bands that I want you to discover... decisions, decisions..!

Anyway, this latest radio show, number 71, is now available for you to enjoy. The play list is as follows:

1. Going for the One, by Yes (Going for the One, 1977)
2. Moksa, by Epiicycle (Her Daydream, 2010)
3. Rainland, by Tinyfish (The Big Red Spark, 2010)
4. The Big Red Spark, by Tinyfish (The Big Red Spark, 2010)
5. A Kid Called Panic, by Moon Safari (Lover's End, 2010)
6. My Nightmare Is Scared of Me, by Osada Vida (Uninvited Dreams, 2009)
7. Snowtorch, Part I, by Phideaux (Snowtorch, 2011)
8. Garden of the Moon, by Erik Norlander (The Galactic Collective, 2010)
9. Voices, by Mars Hollow (World in Front of Me, 2011) - forthcoming
10. The Back and Forth - Live, by District 97 (Live at CalProg, 2010)
11. The Thirteenth Hour, by The Reasoning (Adverse Camber, 2010)
12. The Chauffeur, by The Reasoning (The Chauffeur CDS, 2009)
13. Depicting Colours of Emotions, by Quidam (Alone Together, 2007)
14. In Orbit, by Wobbler (Rites at Dawn, 2011)
15. The Grey Legend, by Sky Architect (Excavations of the Mind, 2010)
16. Peace United, by Agents of Mercy (Dramarama, 2010)
17. After After, by Trettioariga Kriget (Efter Efter, 2011)
18. Forgotten Land, by Riverside (Memories in My Head, 2011)

Ok, I might be repeating myself, but if you like the music, please go to the bands' respective websites by following the links and purchasing their music.

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