Friday, April 8, 2011

No Radio Show This Week

Since I am busy at the Marillion Weekend here in Montreal, there will be no new radio show this week. But to compensate for that, I have made all IPRS radio shows since January available again for download. If you missed a show, this is your chance to listen to it for the first time. Starting with our January 22nd show spotlighting our Top 20 CDs of 2010, up to the last current radio show spotlighting the Marillion Weekend.

So this is your chance to catch up with what's new in the prog world and discover new and interesting bands. The link is here.

Talk to you next week! Cheers!

PS: If any listeners are going to the Marillion Weekend here in Montreal, I'd love to hear from you, so search me out, I'll be at Brutopia Friday and Saturday afternoon, and at the shows for the duration. I also just learned yesterday that Rick will be at the shows also, so come and say Hi to us!

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