Saturday, April 2, 2011

Marillion Weekend special

Hi everyone!

The latest International Prog Rock Show is now available for download. You will hear music by some bands that would have been at NEARfest 2011 if it hadn't been cancelled, and since Marillion Weekend is coming to Montreal next Friday, the show then turns to music by bands that we will hear during this weekend. The radio show airs every Friday on UK70s Prog Rock, and is now available for a limited time as a download.

Download show 67 here! (Podcast no longer available).

BTW, tickets are still available for the weekend, so grab them if you can... a great time will be had by all!

Play list:

1. Mantis, by Umphrey's McGee (Mantis, 2009)

2. Poet's Eternity, by Jeavestone (1+1=OK, 2010)
3. Rabbit, by Half Past Four (Rabbit in the Vestibule, 2008)
4. Two Blocks from the Edge, by Karmakanic (Who's the Boss in the Factory?, 2008)
5. Presence, by Tempus Fugit (Shallow Water Blackout, 2010)
6. Migrations, by Tempus Fugit (Shallow Water Blackout, 2010)
7. Drownproofing, by Tempus Fugit (Shallow Water Blackout, 2010)
8. The Poetry Song, by Tempus Fugit (Shallow Water Blackout, 2010)
9. Burning Both ends, by Sun Domingo (The World's Alive, 2008)
10. Gwlyddyn, by Sun Domingo (The World's Alive, 2008)
11. New Love City, by Sun Domingo (Mercy EP, 2010)
12. Mercy, by Sun Domingo (Mercy EP, 2010)
13. Star, by John Wesley (Ten, 2004)
14. Ordinary Man, by John Wesley (Ten, 2004)
15. The King of 17, by John Wesley (Shiver, 2005)
16. Pretty Lives (Live), by John Wesley (Live at Katie Fitzgerald's, 2006)
17. Come See, by The Free Press (Come See CDS, 2010)
18. Splintering Hearet, by Marillion (FRC019-Wolverhampton 1998, 2004)
19. Cover My Eyes, by Marillion (FRC020-Copenhagen 1994, 2004)
20. The Party, by Marillion (FRC034-Utrecht 2005, 2006)
21. No One Can, by Marillion (FRC033-London 1992, 2006)
22. Holidays in Eden, by Marillion (Smoke, 2006)
23. Dry Land, by Marillion (A Piss-Up in a Brewery, 2002)
24. Waiting to Happen, by Marillion (The Official Bootleg, Vol. 2, 2010)
25. This Town/The Rakes Progress, by Marillion (Size Matters, 2010)
26. Sympathy, by Marillion (FRC033-London 1992, 2006)
27. How Can It Hurt, by Marillion (Cover My Eyes CDS, 1991)
28. A Collection, by Marillion (FRC012-Barcelona 2000, 2003)
29. I Will Walk on Water, by Marillion (FRC033-London 1992, 2006)

As always, if you love the music, encourage the artists by purchasing their CDs!

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