Sunday, January 24, 2010

Set list of the IPRS for January 24th 2010

Hi there! With no computer problems we were finally able to do our show this Sunday. What a show... including a surprise phone call from the future!! Here is the set list (the downloadable show will be available soon):

1. When the Morning Comes, by Shadow Circus (Whispers and Screams, 2009)
2. All Around the World, by ProgAID (All Around the World, 2005)
3. Silenced, by RPWL (The RPWL Experience, 2008)
4. Stumbling, by IZZ (The Darkened Room, 2009)
5. What Have You Done Now?, by Within Temptation (The Heart of Everything, 2007)
6. Cinnamon, by Tinyfish (Curious Thing, 2009)
7. Kayleigh, by Fish (The Acoustic Sessions, 1994)
8. Signs, by Parzivals Eye (Fragments, 2009)
9. Justify, by Unitopia (More Than a Dream, 2005)
10. Lost in Play, by Manning (Songs from Bilston House, 2007)
11. Les Kobolds, by Univers Zero (Clivages, 2010) - NEW!
12. The Source, by Mindgames (MMX, 2010) - NEW!
13. After the Storm, by Brighteye Brison (Believers & Deceivers, 2008)
Surprise interview!!!
14. Line in the Sand, by Sunchild (The Invisible Line, 2009)
15. The Witness Part 2, by Touchstone (Wintercoast, 2009)
16. PTtee, by DeeExpus (Half-Way Home, 2008)
17. Letters in a Bottle, by Roswell Six (Terra Incognita: Beyond the Horizon, 2009)
18. Peace of Mind - Peace of Heart, by Kinetic Element (Powered by Light, 2009)

The show will be available for download on Tuesday, and - as always - if you liked the music, buy the albums with the help of these linked sites!

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