Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Arcade Messiah II Album Preview and Release Date

John Bassett from Psychedelic Prog band KingBathmat just announced the upcoming release of his second solo effort under the name of Arcade Messiah.

Arcade Messiah's first released a self titled debut album last year and introduced us to a heavier sound with experimental and post metal sounds.

Arcade Messiah II builds upon the elements of the first release with the genre blending of metal, stoner, doom, prog, math rock, and ambient post rock continuing into an ever increasing dynamic storm of controlled chaos.

Preview the album with the complete track Read the Sky, online from forthcoming second album Arcade Messiah II, which can be heard here: - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIieaGcm6LM

Arcade Messiah II will be released on November 27th on Stereohead Records.
Pre-Order here: https://arcademessiah.bandcamp.com/album/ii

1. Moon Signal
2. Red Widow
3. Black Dice Maze
4. Gallows Way
5. Fourth Quarter
6. Via Occulta
7. Read The Sky
8. Start Missing Everybody
9. The Four Horsemen (CD only)

Here is another sampler:

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