Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Phil Collins: Take a Look at Him Now

Phil Collins will be releasing remastered versions of his back catalogue, with an additional CD of rare and previously unreleased material. The remastered albums will also be released on 180gram heavy weight vinyl, but they will not feature the additional demos and live versions.

The first two albums to get the full remastered treatment are Phil's first and fifth solo albums, 1981's Face Value and 1993's Both Sides. Both will be released November 6, 2015. There will also bea Limited Edition CD / Vinyl Box Set, that will include both Face Value & Both Sides on CD or Vinyl and space for the remaining studio albums to complete your collection.

But what is really clever and especially brave of Phil is that the covers have been updated. He famously always had his face in close-up (at least up until Dance Into Light), and it showed him maturing with his music. with his new covers, portraying him as he is now, the Box Set reveals that it is aptly titled: Take a Look at Me Now.

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Old cover & New cover
Face Value
1. In the Air Tonight
2. This Must Be Love
3. Behind the Lines
4. The Roof Is Leaking
5. Droned
6. Hand in Hand
7. I Missed Again
8. You Know What I Mean
9. Thunder and Lightning
10. I'm Not Moving
11. If Leaving Me Is Easy
12. Tomorrow Never Knows
1. Misunderstanding - Live
2. If Leaving Me Is Easy - Live*
3. In the Air Tonight - Live*
4. Behind the Lines - Live*
5. Roof Is Leaking - Demo*
6. Hand in Hand - Live*
7. I Missed Again - Live*
8. ....And So to F - Live*
9. This Must Be Love - Demo*
10. Please Don't Ask - Demo*
11. Misunderstanding - Demo *
12. Against All Odds - Demo
* Previously Unreleased on CD

Old cover & New cover

Both Sides
1. Both Sides of the Story
2. Can't Turn Back the Years
3. Everyday
4. I've Forgotten Everything
5. We're Sons of Our Fathers
6. Can't Find My Way
7. Survivors
8. We Fly So Close
9. There's a Place for Us
10. We Wait and We Wonder
11. Please Come Out Tonight
1. Take Me with You
2. Both Sides of The Story - Live*
3. Can't Turn Back the Years - Live*
4. Survivors - Live*
5. Everyday - Live*
6. We Wait and We Wonder - Live*
7. Can't Find My Way - Demo*
8. I've Been Trying
9. Both Sides of the Story
10. Hero - Demo

* Previously Unreleased on CD

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