Friday, August 21, 2015

Lineup Changes for Moon Safari and Supernal Endgame

"It's often times great to be in a band, but sometimes, like now, it's hard."

With these words Moon Safari have confirmed they angrily split with co-founding drummer Tobias Lundgren in April.

"To claim the split was amicable would be lying. Everyone wishes this process would have been easier, more grown up and more to the point, but breakups are seldom without complications. And this one was no exception. This is sad for us in many ways. But, regardless of the last couple of months of negativity we sincerely treasure the memories of the musical journey we've taken together.
"Right now the band would just like to thank him for everything and we wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors, musical or otherwise."

Even though no replacement drummer has been announced, the band assures that no commitments will be cancelled. Their next confirmed gig takes place on the Cruise To The Edge in November.

On the Supernal Endgame front, the split was amicable.

Bassist and videographer Tom More has decided to step away from the band. Guitarist John Crafton has decided to move on as well, regarding this as a sensible time to step away, since Tom’s departure will require a "reboot" of the band dynamic.

John Crafton's departure has created an opportunity for guitarist and founding member Dan Pomeroy to return.

Stepping in on bass guitar is the newest face in the Supernal Endgame family, Brad Oldham.

Brad is a veteran of the Dallas/Fort Worth music scene.  He is currently bassist and vocalist for the Pink Floyd tribute band, Bricks in the Wall.  For nearly ten years, Brad has been one of the principal leaders and organizers of this successful, high-profile act.

Availability for live shows should resume beginning in November of this year, though performance dates can be booked now.  Shows will be announced and posted as they are nailed down.

Moon Safari's latest release is Live in Mexico.

Supernal Endgame's latest is Touch the Sky, Volume II

Moon Safari:

Supernal Endgame:

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