Thursday, June 18, 2015

Tony Banks to Release 4 CD Box Set

Genesis founding member Tony Banks will be releasing his first ever box set celebrating his solo work. A Chord Too Far is a deluxe 4 CD set comprising 48 songs and pieces, all personally selected by Tony. Many tracks have been remixed exclusively for this collection and have been drawn from his seven solo and two orchestral albums.

A Chord Too Far includes four previously unreleased tracks, three of which are keyboard demos of his orchestral suites, with the fourth being a piece originally written for the album Still. This lavish box set also features a 60 page with an exclusive interview with Tony Banks. It is set to release on July 31st 2015.

A Chord Too Far Track list:
Disc One:
1. Rebirth
2. At the Edge of Night
3. Walls of Sound
4. Lion of Symmetry (with Toyah Willcox)
5. The More I Hide It
6. Shortcut to Somewhere (with Fish)
7. The Waters of Lethe
8. I Wanna Change the Score (with Nik Kershaw)
9. Water Out of Wine
10. Something to Live For
11. By You
12. Never Let Me Know
13. Thirty Three's

Disc Two:
1. Charity Balls
2. An Island in the Darkness
3. The Border
4. Lucky Me
5. Another Murder of a Day (with Fish)
6. Moving Under
7. Still It Takes Me by Surprise
8. Red Day on Blue Street (with Nik Kershaw)
9. After the Lie
10. Redwing

Disc Three:
1. Queen of Darkness
2. A Piece of You
3. Big Man
4. Angel Face
5. This Is Love
6. I’ll Be Waiting
7. Back to Back
8. For a While
9. Throwback
10. You Call This Victory (with Jim Diamond)
11. And the Wheels Keep Turning
12. You
13. The Final Curtain

Disc Four:
1. Blade
2. Black Down
3. Siren
4. Earthlight
5. From the Undertow
6. Spring Tide (Demo – Previously Unreleased)
7. Neap Tide (Demo – Previously Unreleased)
8. City of Gold (Demo – Previously Unreleased)
9. The Chase
10. Kit
11. Poppet (Previously Unreleased)
12. The Wicked Lady

The box set cover is by Fred Aristid├Ęs, one of France's greatest comic book artists, and is taken the 3rd book is his Philemon series, named The Wild Piano. Coincidentally, Fred's book came out in September 1968, at the exact same time that Genesis started recording what was to become their first album.

You can pre-order here at Cherry Red Records.

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