Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Gavin Harrison's Cheating the Polygraph Out Now

Gavin Harrison's brand new album Cheating the Polygraph is out now in the USA and Canada.

The album is an ambitious project which sees the restlessly creative Harrison reimagine eight Porcupine Tree songs in a set of vivid and vibrant new arrangements that give full, free rein to his inquiring musical mind.

Boasting performances from some of the World’s best contemporary Jazz players, Porcupine Tree classics such as Heart Attack in a Layby take on new life in striking arrangements by Laurence Cottle.

What Happens Now?
Sound of Muzak / So Called Friend
The Start of Something Beautiful
Heart Attack in a Layby / The Creator Had a Mastertape/Surfer
The Pills I’m Taking (from Anesthetize)
Hatesong / Halo
Cheating the Polygraph / Mother & Child Divided

To get a taste, watch this wonderful video for Hatesong / Halo, filmed by Lasse Hoile.

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