Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pallas Reveal New Album and Crowdfunding

A new Pallas album will be released in April/May 2014. The new album is to be called wearewhowere and they are currently seeking contributions through the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to complete its recording. Think of it as a preorder directly from the makers and cutting out the middle men!

As usual in these crowdfunding deals, they have a range of exciting perks ranging from getting your name or even face in the album credits and artwork to joining the band in the recording studio to record a track with them!

Go to the special campaign headquarters at Indiegogo here Pallas Crowdfunding Link.

Now, crowdfunding is something of a hit or miss. In some cases it works spectacularly (the Subterranea movie is an exemple of this, as is the one by Edison's Children), sometimes it doesn't get the attention it deserves (as was the case with the recent try by Solstice Coil).

So to raise awareness of this campaign Pallas are giving away a free download, not only of the "PreMix- MegaMix" of four new tracks, but also a video plus other goodies such as artwork wallpaper! You can get this download from their Bandcamp site here: Free Download Link.

And while you're there, you can purchase and download The Sentinel Pre-mixes, Demos of intended studio albums, and long out-of-print live albums, now made available at reasonable prices. It's a great way of encouraging the band until the release of this new album.

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