Thursday, September 19, 2013

Beardfish & Special Providence to Tour Europe

Swedish progressive rockers Beardfish have announced that they will embark on a small tour of Europe this October co-headlining with Hungarian metal proggers Special Providence.

Beardfish and Special Providence members first met on the way to the first edition of the French Guyana Crescendo Festival, and talked about maybe doing something together. They finally get their wish this year.

Although both bands have no new release this year, Beardfish having released The Void in 2012 and Special Providence having released Soul Alert the same year, Rikard Sjöblom has announced that they may be playing some new material they have been working on, and Special Providence have also been working on some acoustic versions of their songs accompanied by a violin and a cello.

Either way, both bands will be doing 90 minute sets, which will make these memorable evenings.

The tour dates are:
October 17: A38, in Budapest, Hungary
October 18: Melodka, in Brno, Czech Republic
October 19: Barrak, in Ostrava, Czech Republic
October 20: Theater Ensemble, in Wurzberg, Germany
October 21: Markthalle, in Hamburg, Germany
October 22: Stengade, in Copenhagen, Denmark
October 23: Das Rind, in Russelsheim, Germany
October 24: Flutterfabrik, in Aarau, Switzerland
October 25: Lakei Helmond, in Helmond, Netherlands

Special Providence:

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