Monday, June 3, 2013

Anekdoten Recording Album #6

Swedish band Anekdoten are presently in the studio working on album number 6. Coincidentally, it's been six years since their highly acclaimed A Time of Day hit the record shops. From their website:

As can be seen in the first posting to this new blog we have finally started the recordings of our new album!
4 backing tracks (drums, bass, guitar) were recorded during 3 days at Atlantis. Since 1959 many of the most famous Swedish recording artists have passed through the doors of the old cinema and it was a fond return for us as we recorded most of From Within and Gravity there.
Next up is overdubbing in the rehearsal studio (i.e. Sisu Sound). Much has happened since we recorded A Time Of Day and it became evident that Sisu Sound needs both soft- and hardware upgrading. But we should be up and running recording Mellotron and assorted keyboards next week.
We’re thrilled to put new material onto tape again. It’s been a long time coming, but finally we’re on our way!

Anekdoten have also released a remastered version of A time of Day on the 26th of May. Incredible improvement in sounds by audio genious Hans Fredriksson and housed in a beautiful glossy paper sleeve . Available in the Official Anekdoten Webshop  for only 12 Euros.

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