Friday, August 26, 2011

Grand Return from Summer Vacation with Show 83

Boy, you go away for two weeks on vacation and the whole world goes topsy-turvy: riots in the UK, the US is downgraded, and now hurricane Irene threatens the north american eastern coast (where I was 'til a couple of days ago on vacation...).

At least we still have good music to listen too and to discover, and this week, as I come to the end of my second year hosting this radio show, I have a lot of new music by very interesting young bands as well as a few classic prog bands, starting with a teaser from Steven Wilson's forthcoming Grace For Drowning CD and closing with a revisited classic album by the band that created it: the Strawb's Hero & Heroine "à la mode" of 2011. In between we will discover bands from the UK, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

As a special bonus, I also have a contest to win a pair of tickets for The Watch's show here in Montreal on Saturday October 8th 2011. The tickets are courtesy of, the internet radio station on which this show is aired every Friday from 2PM EST to 5PM. Listen to the show, answer the question, and send me your answer at progrockshow"at" (replace the "at" by the @ sign) and I will announce the winner on the air. Be sure you can come to the show before answering, and we'll meet at the gig!!!

You can download show 83 here! (No longer available)

The playlist for show 83:

1. Track One, by Steven Wilson (Grace for Drowning, 2011) - Forthcoming.
2. Salvaging, by Steven Wilson (Insurgents, 2008)
3. A Forest, by Steven Wilson (Cover Versions III, 2005)
4. Wounded (I & II), by AltaVia (Girt Dog, 2011)
5. Another Lie, by AltaVia (Girt Dog, 2011)
6. The New Crusade, by Konchordat (The New Crusade, 2011)
7. Panic Room, by Konchordat (The New Crusade, 2011)
8. Emptiness, by Ignatius (Lights from the Deep, 2011)
9. Morning Moon, by Ignatius (Lights from the Deep, 2011)
10. Alexa in the Cage, by The RedZen (Void, 2011)
11. Into the Void, by The RedZen (Void, 2011)
12. Return to Kolkata, by The RedZen (Void, 2011)
13. End of the Road, by The Watch (Timeless, 2011)
14. (???), by The Watch (Timeless, 2011)
15. God Is a Delay, by Suchtmaschine (God Is a Delay, 2011)
16. Zehn Minuten, by Suchtmaschine (God Is a Delay, 2011)
17. Hero and Heroine, by The Strawbs (Hero & Heroine in Ascencia, 2011)
18. Out in the Cold, by The Strawbs (Hero & Heroine in Ascencia, 2011)
19. Round and Round, by The Strawbs (Hero & Heroine in Ascencia, 2011)

As always, if you like the music and wish to purchase the CDs, click on the links provided, or purchasse the CDs through your favourite retailer.


  1. Comme toujours,à l'affût des meilleurs découvertes. Aie-je manqué votre revue du dernier Crimson et du dernier Yes? Avez-vous entendu la version classique de Tarkus (Japonaise). Grâce à vous deux j'ai découvert Big Big Train, Agents of Mercy etc.. et surtout je me suis remis à acheter du prog moderne. Bravo

  2. Merci beaucoup Denis. Je suis heureux de voir que mon émission t'as fait découvrir BB Train et Agents of Mercy. J'espère que ce que je présente sur l'émission t'inspireras encore plus. Pour répondre à ta question: Oui, j'ai commenté le dernier Crimson (excellent), et non, je n'ai toujours pas commenté le dernier Yes.

    Je t'invite à télécharger le dernier "podcast" de l'émission (numéro 83) et de participer au concour.

    Merci encore,
    Francois "Frank" Marceau