Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Listeners' Top Ten of 2010 Radio Show

It seems that Sismico (www.sismico.com) played the wrong IPRS Radio Show today (they repeated our Holiday special). At least the show will be repeated this Thursday at 9 PM Pacific Time (Midnight Eastern Time, 5 AM Friday in England, 6 AM in most of Europe). Also, the show will play on UK70s Prog Rock (http://www.live365.com/uk70sprogrock), on Friday at 2 PM EST (7 PM in England and 8 PM for the rest of Europe).

The Radio Show will nonetheless be available for download here today (Podcast no longer available). The show consists of our listeners' choice for Top CDs of 2010, as compiled from the comments and e-mails received. On next week's radio show, Rick and I will unveil our choices for 2010. I already know my own choice (I sort of have to), and I can say that I was quite pleasently surprised by our listeners choices. Though not many are on my own Top 10, they are all excellent albums that deserve to be discovered by the uninitiated and spun on the CD deck at full volume. And isn't that the whole point of a top ten list: to let other people know what you like and let them discover the music and the bands.

So without further ado, here is the listeners' choice of Top CDs for 2010:

We're Here Because We're Here, by Anathema
Cinematic, by Lebowski
Aquarius, by Haken
The Gathering Light, by Karnataka
Traces, by Nine Stones Close
Victims of the Modern Age2, by Star One
Whose Dream?, by BunChakeze
Road Salt One, by Pain of Salvation
Someone Here Is Missing, by Pineapple Thief
Anesthetize (DVD), by Porcupine Tree


  1. Very good list..I would have to argue why Mystery - One Among the Living is not on this list nor is Tiny Fish - The Big Red Spark juts 2 off the top of my head....but good list anyway!!!

  2. You're right! Tinyfish and Mystery should have been on the list, but none of the listeners that sent e-mail or comments had chosen Mystery, and only a couple had listed Tinyfish. Some others that should have made it: Spock's Beard, Unitopia, Moon Safari, etc.

  3. Correction> Show Airs at 2pm est - 8pm gmt on http://www.Live365.com/stations/uk70sprogrock Enjoy! Go Rick and Frank! Prog on!

  4. Trip to Doha's ending kicks ass! :)

  5. Great top! But there are some outstanding albums, that is not in a list. For Example: Frogg Café: Bateless Edge (http://www.froggcafe.com) and FROM.UZ: Seventh Story ( http://www.fromuzband.com/discography/seventh-story-progressive-rock-album/)

  6. I must agree that there were many good releases in 2010 and therefore a listing such as this is bound to have glaring omissions! However, Big Big Train and Tinyfish not being in there is a complete mystery to me. I can only conclude that some of you proguli out there haven't heard these 2, otherwise they would surely be up there at the top.