Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rikard Sjoblom Special

Well this was quick! The radio show was really easy to edit so the show is already available for download (Podcast no longer available)! As heard earlier today, our special guest was Rikard Sjoblom, main composer and lyrical brainthrust of Beardfish, Gungfly and Bootcut. The whole 3 hours is filled with music by these 3 bands, including a live song, and a number of as to yet unreleased songs.

PS: I've uploaded a new version of the radio show, the previous one had an slight error (a song played twice). Please download this new one instead.

The playlist is as follows:

1. On the Verge of Sanity, by Beardfish (Sleeping in Traffic, Part I, 2007)
2. Sunrise, by Beardfish (Sleeping in Traffic, Part I, 2007)
3. The Hunter, by Beardfish (Sleeping in Traffic, Part II, 2008)
4. (The Way Out) Om En Utvag Fanns, by Beardfish (Fran En Plats De Uj Kan Se, 2003)
5. Today, by Beardfish (Fran En Plats De Uj Kan Se, 2003)
6. A Love Story, by Beardfish (The Sane Day, 2005)
7. The Sun Is The Devil, by Beardfih (The Sane Day, 2005)
8. In Real Life There Is No Algebra, by Beardfish (Destined Solitaire, 2009)
9. The Platform (Edit), by Beardfish (Mammoth, Forthcoming 2011)
10. The Little House I Used to Live In (Live), by Beardfish (Unreleased)
11. Rumbling Boxes, by Gungfly (Please Be Quiet, 2009)
12. Lamentation, by Gungfly (Lamentation, forthcoming 2011)
13. We Will Never Leave, by Gungfly (Lamentation, forthcoming 2011)
14. Stuck on the Treshold, by Bootcut (Unreleased)
15. Sleeping In Traffic, by Beardfish (Sleeping in Traffic, Part II, 2008)

Enjoy! And as always, I encourage you to purchase the CDs you love and encourage the artists in their endeavor to bring you more!


  1. It was a great interview and a lot of excellent music was played and hopefully a wider audience will now appreciate Beardfish's music more, the appreciation would be well-deserved. Thanks guys. You have my gratitude.

  2. So glad Beardfish is getting more exposure, they've been one of my favorite bands for a long time. I'd never really listened to Gungfly, but after this show I checked them out on Grooveshark, and I was really enthralled with a lot of the material. Great stuff all around (especially that Zappa cover, love the original and love the Beardfish performance!)

  3. Excellent song choice, great show :)

    Looking forward to the new albums... okay, actually, "looking forward" falls short... I'd say... "drooling and twitching in expectation", instead.