Sunday, July 25, 2010

IPRS Summer Edition 4

I know, I know, the big thing this weekend is the High Voltage Festival in London. Well, I hear that the temperture is great and so are the shows. Last night, during the encore of Transatlantic's set, Steve Hackett came on stage and played The Return of the Giant Hogweed with the band. Wow, what a great evening that must have been.

But this week we have a great show for you. It's an interview that was conducted last February with John Fontana and Corey Felta of Shadow Circus. Both are great guys and unfortunately Corey, the drummer, is no longer part of the band, having decided to persue different musical interests, but the interview, and the music, live on.

The reason behind this repeat performance of the radio show is because Shadow Circus will soon announce a series of shows, starting in New York, and will also announce the band's new lineup. For more info visit the band's website at For those of you that would like to hear more about this fantastic band, the interview can be downloaded here (Link no longer available).

Enjoy! And I may see you guys at Shadow Circus's New York show!!

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