Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Welcome Back My Friends

The podcast of our last radio show, from Sunday the 18th of April, is now available for download here (Link no longer available). The playlist is as followed:


1. Thank You for the Evil, by
Phideaux (Doomsday Afternoon, 2007)
2. Comfortably Numb (Live), by
Roger Waters (In the Flesh Live, 2000)
3. Lucky Man (Live), by
Emerson, Lake & Palmer (King Biscuit Flower Hour 1974/77, 1997)
4. Not as Good as the Book,
The Tangent (Not as Good as the Book, 2008)
5. Cloak of Antiquity, by
K2 (Book of the Dead, 2005)
6. Children of Another God, by
Nick Magnus (Children of Another God, 2010) – NEW
7. Stranger in Your Soul, by
Transatlantic (Bridge Across Forever, 2001)
8. Metro, by
Tony Levin (Stickman, 2007)
9. Break My Wings, by
Crystal Palace (Reset, 2010) – NEW
10. The Haunting, by
WolfSpring (Wolfspring, 2010) – TO BE RELEASED
11. Afterglow (Live), by
Agents of Mercy/Karmakanic (The Power of Two, 2010)
12. Inferno, by Thomas Glunkler (Goldstadt, 2010) - NEW13. Yasgur's Farm, by
Moon Safari (Blomljud, 2008)
14. Continental Motion, by
Odyssice (Silence, 2010)15. Bridge Across Forever, by Transatlantic (Bridge Across Forever, 2001)

As always, if you love the music, encourage the artists and follow the links to there websites to purchase the music.


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