Sunday, March 21, 2010

This Woman's Work

I am planning a special show on female fronted prog bands. Of course, there is Kate Bush and Magenta, The Wishing Tree and Mostly Autumn. Any of our readers here have any suggestions of who we might include?


  1. Olga Odessa
    WOW - great idea !!!
    Of cource, Renaissance, Karnataka (if it's possible - 2010 album, it's a miracle!) and
    La Tulipe Noire - IT'S EXCELLENT BAND, REALLY !

  2. Olga Odessa
    Also of cource :
    "Renaissanse", "Karnataka" (2010 album, please !) and "La Tulipe Noire"

  3. The late Magdelena from the Par Lindh Project

    White Willow

    Magma (sort of)

  4. Yup Lisa Larue: Project 2K9

  5. Viima. Paatos. Curved Air. Lana Lane.

    Echoing White Willow and Renaissance.

  6. Rusty Gold, Hungary. (page under reconstruction, the songs are under

  7. Hmmm, tricky. On the whole I struggle with such bands; too much of what they produce seems a compromise. However, top of the list simply has to be The Reasoning fronted by Rachel Cohen and Touchstone fronted by Kim 'Elkie' Sevoir. Also worthy of note is Panic Room. Beyond that one ends up straying too far into goth-prog (such as The Gathering) and those many bands that are more metal than owt else.


  8. Hi Guys,
    Mermaids Kiss, Breathing Space, Touchstone, crimson Sky, a lot of others already suggested previously, ah yes, mostly autumn,

    Phil M
    Gloucester, England

  9. Hi Guys,

    There were a couple of side project's that Clive Nolan (Pendragon and Arena fame) worked on. Strangers on a Train (although can't remember the lead singer) and Polish singer Agnieszka Swita in Caamora, although don't know about releases from these two. Have heard some Strangers on a Train stuff and to be honest, didn't get it at all!


  10. Good Morning All,

    I know it's a bit late, I do apologize for my tardiness, but you can keep it in mind for the next time - Half Past Four, Dream Aria
    both which are from Toronto and Factory Of Dreams from Lisbon.

    Warmest Regards,