Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our Show from February 14th Now Available

Our Valentine's Day International Prog Rock Show is now available for download. This show was not about Valentine's Day songs, but basically celebrated Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett's birthdays.

The 1st hour can be found here, the second here, and the third here. (Links no longer available)

The set list is as follows:
1. Gravity, by Max Webster (High Class in Borrowed Shoes, 1977)
2. Wildest Dreams, by Asia (Asia, 1982)
3. No Quarter - Live, by Led Zeppelin (The Song Remains the Same Remastered, 2008)
4. Buying New Soul, by Porcupine Tree (Recordings, 2001)
5. Quartz - Live, by Marillion (Live at Dingwall's in London, 2001)
6. Outer Limits, by IQ (The Wake, 1985)
7. Moribund the Burgermeister, by Peter Gabriel (PG-I "Car", 1977)
8. White Shadow, by Peter Gabriel (PG-II "Scratch"", 1978)
9. No Self Control, by Peter Gabriel (PG-III "Melt", 1980)
10. San Jacinto - Live, by Peter Gabriel (Live in Santiago, 2009)
11. Excellent Birds, by Laurie Anderson (Mr. Heartbreak, 1982)
12. Down the Dolce Vita, by Peter Gabriel (PG-I "Car", 1977)
13. The Tower That Ate People, by Peter Gabriel (Red Planet Soundtrack, 2000)
14. The Family and the Fishing Net, by Peter Gabriel (PG-IV, 1982)
15. Star of Sirius, by Steve Hackett (Voyage of the Acolyte, 1975)
16. Spectral Mornings, by Steve Hackett (Spectral Mornings, 1979)
17. The Great Nothing, by Spock's Beard (V, 2000)
18. Chelsea Monday, by Marillion (Script for a Jester's Tears, 1983)
19. The Mirror, by Spooky Tooth (The Mirror, 1974)

Download and enjoy, and remember... if you love the music, follow the links to the artists' pages and buy the CDs.

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